The Taft Oil Technology Academy- A CPA Lighthouse Academy

  • The Taft Oil Technology Academy is the only California Partnership Academy in the State of California with a focus on the petroleum industry.  Students study subjects such as Geology, Petroleum Exploration, Drilling and Completions, Production and Reservoir Management, Transportation, Refining, and Finance.  This year the Taft Oil Technology Academy was one of 16 chosen as a Lighthouse Academy.  This is quite an honor, considering there are over 400 academies in the state!  Some of the expectations of a Lighthouse Academy are:

    • To collaborate with the California Department of Education and fellow Lighthouse Academies (LHA's) to plan, develop, and implement the LHA project.
    • Host visits from CPA teams and others interested in the CPA Model.
    • Plan and conduct site visits to CPA's in need of assistance when possible.
     Our expertise is in Intentional Leadership and developing team performance of students, staff, and business partners.  At the heart of the process is E-Colors, a systemic process that guides schools in improving communication, establishing safety measures, building a positive school climate, and developing clear understanding of one’s self as well as others. Personal Intervention provides a practical tool for making conscious decisions at any time, based on managing and leveraging the knowledge of reaction versus response.

    Realize Your Potential!

    We invite you and your stakeholders to join us for a training session:

    • Learn about the 12 personality styles identified by E-Colors.
    • Participate in activities that demonstrate we don't all think or act the same in a situation.
    • Learn how the personality styles affect communication, listening, learning, and behavioral tendencies.
    • Learn about Personal Intervention, a tool that helps respond to situations rather than reacting.
    To schedule a visit, contact Ted Pendergrass at
    For more information about E-Colors in Education, go to

Last Modified on November 30, 2015