BSEE Tech Challenge

  • On April 5, the Taft Oil Technology Academy students participated in the first ever Tech Challenge on the west coast co-sponsored by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and the Ocean Energy Safety Institute (OESI).  Students formed teams of 7-8 individuals who competed for points, which were awarded for Top Gun Challenges, quizzes, circuit building, and an RC car driving competition.  First place received $2500, Second place $2000, Third place $1500, and Fourth place $1000.

    The Challenge was a coordinated effort by many educational institutions: the Taft Oil Technology Academy, Taft College, California State University, Bakersfield, the University of Houston, and Texas A&M University.  The petroleum industry in Taft also supported the event and special thanks to all:  The Kern County Raceway Park, General Production Services, Fastenal, and Holmes Western Oil Corporation.

    Many people also deserve thanks for all their effort to bring this Challenge to Taft:
    Paul Robinson, University of Houston
    Jim Pettigrew, Texas A&M
    Mark Fesmire, BSEE 
    Ricardo Arteaga, NASA 
    Mrs. Vergie Beard, Kern County Raceway Park
    Rusty Risi, GPS and Kern County Raceway Park
    George Harmer, GPS
    Kristen Tejeda, GPS 
    Alexa Elder, Fastenal
    Steve Hughes, Kern County Raceway Park 
    Anthony Cordova, Taft College
    Sheri Horn-Bunk, Taft College Foundation 
    Fred Holmes, Holmes Western Oil Corporation
    Dayanand Saini, CSUB 
    Check out the photos courtesy of Fred Holmes! 
Last Modified on April 19, 2017