• Questions and Answers About the Library


    "We're here to help!"

    1. When is the library open?
      The Library is open from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm Monday - Friday.
    2. Do I need a pass to come to the library?
      If you are coming to the library by yourself during regular class hours, you must have a pass.
    3. How many books may I check out?
      You may check out up to three books at a time, including AR books, providing you have no overdue library books or charges on library books.
    4. How are charges determined?
      If you lose a library book or a textbook, you will be charged for the full price of the book. If you fail to turn in a library book on the day it is due, you will be charged 20 cents a day ( excluding holidays and weekends), not to exceed the cost of the book. If you have a charge or overdue fine for a library book, you cannot check out another one until the charges/fines are paid for in the business office. If you return either library books or textbooks that you have damaged, you will incur a damage charge.
    5. How much are the damage charges?
      Damage charges begin with a minimum $5 charge and may be more, depending on the circumstances. If you have damaged the book beyond use, you will be charged the entire price of the book when purchased new. Damaged or missing barcodes cost $20 to replace.
    6. How can I prevent damage charges?
      Keep textbooks covered at all times. Don't mark in your books and avoid eating or drinking near your books. If you carry bottled beverages in your backpack, be sure to keep the lid on tight, or liquid may leak out onto your books. Never leave your books in the classroom, even if the teacher says it is okay!
    7. For how long a period may I check out library books?
      You may check them out for two weeks. If you're not finished with the books, you may renew them. You must bring both your student ID and the book in order to renew.
    8. Do I always need to have my student ID to check out books?
      You must always have you ID available in order to check out any kind of materials from the library.
    9. Can I renew my Library books online?
      Yes, you can renew them online as long as you do it before the due date and you don’t have any other charges. You can renew your books using the ‘Destiny' link from the 'Awesome Links' page.
    10. Are all of the books in the library Accelerated Reader titles?
      No, but we do have a wide variety of AR titles available. These are labeled with yellow stickers.
    11. How can I find the book I'm looking for?
      We have online card catalogs where you can search for a book by title, by author, or by doing a subject or keyword search. Also, you may ask any of our friendly staff members, Mrs. Federoff or Mrs. Schooler!
    12. What if I want a book and the library doesn't have it?
      We make every effort to get the books our students want to read. If we don"t have a book you are interested in, let us know or fill in a book request form. If the book is appropriate for high school level, if we can find it, and if we have the money, we'll buy it.
    13. Can I check out and read books online?                                                                                                                                                   Yes, you can check out and read books online using our digital library, OverDrive. Click on this link OverDrive and sign in using the same log in you use to sign into any computer on campus. 
Last Modified on October 14, 2022