Cat Skills (Expected Schoolwide Learning Results) Wildcat

    It is the goal of Taft Union High School that all students are exposed to a rigorous, comprehensive, academic program designed to prepare students who are:

    • Skilled Communicators as demonstrated by the ability to:
      • Appropriately use oral, visual or performing modes of communication.
      • Produce meaningful writing that is clear, concise, and grammatically correct.
      • Read, comprehend, and interpret a variety of written materials.
      • Listen and comprehend oral language and respond appropriately.
    • Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers as demonstrated by the ability to:
      • Identify a problem, describe and examine viable options, and develop a solution.
      • Apply acquired skills and knowledge to solve new problems.
      • Articulate awareness of what must be done to achieve content standards in all classes.
    • Independent and Collaborative Workers as demonstrated by the ability to:
      • Produce independent work that meets academic standards.
      • Participate in group projects to solve problems and complete tasks.
      • Organize time and tasks to meet deadlines.
    • Technologically Skilled as demonstrated by the ability to:
      • Use technology effectively and appropriately to enhance learning.
      • Use technology to collect, store and analyze data across disciplines.
      • Demonstrate knowledge of computer ethics.
    • Involved Community Members as demonstrated by the ability to:
      • Tolerate others and positively resolve conflicts.
      • Apply knowledge of social and government institutions, rules and ethics via participation in school and community groups and activities.
      • Contribute time and energy to improve quality of life in the community.
Last Modified on September 18, 2013