• Attendance Office

    Office hours  7:00am - 3:30pm  

    Assistant Principal
    Suzanne White
    Ext. 309
    Administrative Assistant Kelly Federoff   Ext. 309 
    Attendance Assistant
    Korina Mora
    Ext. 310
    Campus Supervisor
    Tonya Barraza
    Campus Supervisor
    Kim Fields
    Ext. 365
    Campus Supervisor
    Kevin Guinn
    Ext. 308
    Safety & Security Manager Joe Gregory
    Ext. 307


    Reporting Absences: If a student will be absent or tardy, parent/guardian must notify the school attendance office immediately by phone stating the reason and the estimated time that the student will be out of school; if a phone call cannot be made, a note signed by the parent/guardian may be presented for each absence. Any absence not cleared within 72 hours becomes a cut. Attendance Office 24 hour phone line is 661 763-2310.

    Excused Absence: illness, quarantine, medical related appointments, funeral services of the immediate family, jury duty. Parents may only excuse 14 days; a doctor’s note will be needed to clear further absences.

    Excessive/Truancy Absences

    Step 1. 3 unexcused absences 1st truancy letter will be mailed home

    Step 2. 1 additional absence 2nd truancy letter will be mailed home

    Step 3. 1 additional absence Habitual letter will be mailed home

    Step 4. Additional absences Student and parent referred to SARB or cited by Truant Officer



Last Modified on September 5, 2023