• How to Refer for Consideration of Special Education Services

    Consult with your child's general education teacher regarding educational progress; or Consult with the school's special education teachers:

    Special Education Teachers 

    Justin Feil

     Education Specialist SH

     Jessica Wooley

     Education Specialist   

     Brad Van Roekel

     Education Specialist 

     Maria Alvarez   

     Education Specialist 

     Serena Hinojosa

     Education Specialist 

     David Espinoza 

     Education Specialist SH



    3. Consult with Chelle Koerner, director of Special Services: 661.763.2300 ext. 331 

    4. Consult with your child's Guidance Counselor:

     Chelle Koerner  Director of Special Services
     Jana Durkan  Guidance Counselor
     Lillie Murillo  Guidance Counselor
     Tammy Sutherland  Guidance Counselor

    5. Consult with your child's teacher regarding his/her educational progress; or:

    6. Consult with other individuals knowledgeable about disabilities including the following:

    7. Students, parents, and staff can forward a referral to the Student Assistance Team (SAT) for consideration of multidisciplinary team assessment; or

     Mary Alice Finn TUHS Principal 
     Chelle Koerner  Director of Special Services
     Laquida Wafford  School Psychologist

    8. Contact the Search & Serve Office in Bakersfield; or
    9. Parent/guardians may request testing through the SAT